The Strážničan cimbalom band 

The Strážničan cimbalom band was founded in 1986 in Strážnice, a South-Moravian town with rich music tradition from which even composer Leoš Janáček drew inspiration for his music works.


The basic repertoire of the music band consists of folk songs from Strážnice and its environs. Good wine, love for a girl and native land is heard in almost all local melodies to which the Czech and foreign audience has taken liking during the twenty-years-long existence of the cimbalom band. Since its foundation, the band has represented the Czech Republic at official events all over Europe and in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Uzbekistan. Since 1996, the music band has been cooperating with the Danaj folk dance ensemble from Strážnice.



In addition to their traditional repertoire, we can hear the musicians singing both folk songs from all the regions of the Czech Republic and popular hits of the present and past. Recently, the music band has extended its repertoire with Russian folk songs that the soloists of the word-famous academic Alexandrow-Ensemble sang with accompaniment of  the Strážničan cimbalom band at their joint concert.


We believe you will also be addressed by the heritage of our ancestors expressed in our songs !